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Healthy Instructions to the participants of the Races

Healthy Instructions to the participants of the Charity Run Race

Preparation for the Race 

  • Balanced and healthy diet helps to improve the performance, fitness, general health and the ability to continue running.
  • Continuation of practicing sports on a daily basis in sports playgrounds and the specified places.

Before the Race

  • Take deep breath during exercise to get a larger amount of oxygen.
  • Practice stretching exercises and the muscles warm up for 5-10 minutes before running.
  • Eat a big meal before the race and it is better to eat that meal three hours before the race.
  • Reduce having the fatty foods and condensed sweets because they take long time to be digested.
  • Eat a sufficient amount of carbohydrates before running to enable the body of energy storage such as bread, grilled or boiled potatoes, pasta or the cooked rice without fat.
  • Drink enough liquids (such as water) before, during and after running.
  • Check your medical and fitness examination.

During the Race

  • Make sure to eat an appropriate amount of water while running.
  • Stop running if you feel tired, sudden stress, pain in the chest, dizziness, headache or cold sweat.
  • Practice running or walking towards coming cars.
  • Make sure that you wear cotton and loose clothes.
  • Choose the right and comfortable sports shoes which contain the linings of the sides and bottom to reduce the risk of feet injury.
  • Some useful links :www.sdea.org.sa