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About Us

About the Race

Years of Success in the Pursuit of Noble Humanitarian Goals

The idea of an annual charity run came about because the people of the Eastern Province are well-established in charity work and cherish their country and community. The idea was advanced into action by a number of sincere businessmen, charity donors and parents of some students. It materialized based on a professional system that depends largely on volunteers who became models of generosity, giving and the love of good deeds throughout the years of charity occasions with revenues directed to charity services for important sectors of the society that needed them.

After several years of success and advancement, all the people of the Eastern Province became aware of the goals and objectives of the Run. Businessmen, companies and establishments took part in the activities in order to realize their goals and objectives. The idea became part of the annual program of the Saudi Arabian Athletic Federation. Other areas of the Kingdom copied it in order to achieve several benefits for the community.