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Board Members

Board Members

Names of Committee Heads

  • The Higher Committee, headed by Shaykh ‘Abdulaziz ibn ‘Ali al-Turki
  • Financial Committee, headed by Shaykh Khalifa ibn Dakhil al-Dhubayb (Deputy Head of the Higher Committee)
  • Information Committee, headed by Husayn ibn ‘Ali al-Blushi
  • Scouts Committee, headed by Khalid ibn Muhammad al-Shinqiti
  • Support Services Committee, headed by Eng. Khalid ibn ‘Abdulaziz al-Hamdan
  • Technical Committee, headed by Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Bubshayt
  • Participants’ Committee, headed by ‘Ali ibn Husyn al-Sayf
  • Committee of Persons with Special Needs, headed by Sa’id ‘Awwadh al-Zahran
  • Awards and Presents Distribution Committee, headed by Bidah ibn Mijdil al-Qahtani
  • Final Day Celebration Committee, headed by Shaykh Khalifa ibn Dakhil al-Dhubayb
  • Secretariat Committee, headed by Moheb Anwar Rubil.

There are also the following permanent members:

  • Mr. / Ahmed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Melhem
  • Eng. / Khalid bin Ibrahim Bubshait
  • Mr. / Mazen Essam Snober
  • Dr. / Abdullah bin Eid Al-Hadbaa
  • Mr.  / Maaz bin Ibrahim al-Jaafari
  • Mr.  / Khaled bin Mohammed Shanqeeti
  • Mr.  / Aoun bin Abdullah Al-Hajri
  • Mr.  / Adel bin Ibrahim Almkhemar
  • Mr.  / Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi
  • Mr.  / Samir bin Saeed Raslan
  • Mr. / Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Dhbaib
  • Mr. / Abdul Aziz Abdullah Naeem
  • Mr.  / Abdel Moneim Awad Elkarim