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Deep Vision to the Race

  • The race is intended to accustom our school and university students as well as employees of companies, government and private institutions to work together and volunteer to do good as well as to contribute to social activities which aim at creating a generation of young people with a high degree of physical fitness.
  • Running or walking is protection of the human heart, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases. It has been scientifically proven that man needs to walk daily of about five kilometers.
  • Encourage the society with its all categories to practice sport especially walking and running. They are available to everyone and can be practiced anywhere.
  • Instill the principle of cooperation of everyone for good and help the needy in our country.
  • It also seeks to accustom our school students to interact and participate in the society by cooperating with the race organizing committee.
  • It contributes in developing the students’ skills and talents through distributing and selling the racing forms and fundraising. That leads to improvement in persuasion skills, understanding with others as well as the skills of independent personality, courage and daring.
  • The race (with all events) is a social activity contributes fill our free time through useful work with a lot of benefits on the individual or the society.
  • Students engage in collective efforts to organize targeted social programs and festivals.
  • The participation of the disabled people in the race is a key objective of the race goals treasured by the organizing committee each year as an encouragement for them to participate in social life and make them feel that they are no less important than the ordinary people and works to communicate to society through the sport they do or others.