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Path and Length of the Race


For many years, the organizers of the race always search for the best paths in order to achieve full comfort and safety of the contestants in addition to introducing this prestigious event to the eastern region people.

When launching the race, the finishing line was Dhahran Schools and before a 5-kilometer path of Doha was the beginning line.

Then the finishing line was moved to be the sea front in Khobar.

Also, the race was moved for two consecutive years on Dammam Corniche and the finishing line was Dammam Sea front in King Abdullah Park.

Then during the recent years, the finishing line was in Khobar South Corniche.

The categories of participants in the annual race at the same distance and path with the difference in time are determined as follows:

First, the five kilometer race for Disabled people:

The contestants (disabled people) are required to attend between Zuhr and Asr prayers according to the timing of the region. Timing is usually determined when attending.

Second, the general five kilometer race:

The contestants are required to attend before Zuhr prayer in accordance with the timing of the region. Timing is usually determined when attending.